About VA Media

Velvet Apple Media is passionate about communicating ideas…

Our expertise covers exhibitions, conferences and publishing. Our industry experience ranges from technology, education, recruitment and renewable energy (b2b) to lifestyle and luxury in consumer.

New ideas, concepts and information appear to flow faster than ever in the 21st Century. At Velvet Apple Media, we aim to produce events and publications that stimulate and inform the creative process.

The Velvet Apple Media team is led by Joanna Burke, with over 15 years experience in publishing and events. Joanna’s personal experience ranges from work in press (The Independent Group), launch magazines (Wide Open Magazine at Wide Open Media, After Hours at the IOD) to launching and running exhibitions and conferences (Nursery World and Children Now at Haymarket Media Group).

After leaving Haymarket Media Group, Joanna acquired her first client Bluewater Events and launched Recruitment Agency Expo – the first UK recruitment industry exhibition launch in nearly a decade.

Need support with your event? Do you have a creative idea you want to bring to life? Let Velvet Apple make your ideas real. Contact Joanna directly at