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Recruitment Agency Now(RA Now)has been developed to meet the business growth and development needs of UK recruitment agency professionals.

With the industry set to grow faster than the rest of the economy this year, it aims to support recruitment agency owners and senior managers to set effective business strategies and capture that growth.

RA Now’s editorial team will be made up of experienced HR and recruitment journalist Jo Faragher and award-winning journalist Peter Crush, and published by Velvet Apple Media.

The online magazine will be broken down into news, reviews, best practice, analysis of industry trends and opinion from key industry figures.

Joanna Burke, director of Velvet Apple Media, said: “We wanted to create an online magazine that is accessible and supported by all professionals in the recruitment industry, including the key industry associations and suppliers.”

Editor Jo Faragher said: “The recruitment industry is in constant flux thanks to technological developments such as social media, and legislative changes such as the Agency Workers Regulations. We want to help senior recruitment professionals navigate these complex developments and give them the tools to grow their business.”

Visit us at www.recruitmentagencynow.com


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