Our Services

Velvet Apple Services 

Velvet Apple provides a range of services to fit your budget.

Our direct service packages are flexible and capable of supporting all types of events from conferences and exhibitions to forums and awards.

We can work with you to identify specific requirements and support you through each stage of your project – we can make your event a reality.


Client Direct

Our client direct service will help you achieve results at any stage of your event.
The Velvet Apple team takes a specialist and consultative approach to ensure we exceed your project aims and objectives.

Business Planning

The success of your event lies in the business plan. Velvet Apple can structure a plan that will aid in delivering a profitable event.

Market research

Need to explore a new sector or industry for a conference or show? Velvet Apple can support you by exploring the market before you push the button to go.


Where would any event be without sales revenue? Velvet Apple can create sensible sales plans and deliver revenue against target.


A robust marketing campaign is a must for your event. Let us plan, structure and execute a plan that delivers visitors or delegates to your event.

Event Delivery

You provide the plan; research and budget- Velvet Apple will organise and deliver your event based on your brief and timescales.

To find out more about how we can support you please send your enquiry to:enquiry@velvet-apple.com