How much do you charge for client direct services?
Please contact us directly via enquiry@velvet-apple.com or call: 020 71830117 to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

I’ve got an idea for an event but I’m not sure if it will work?
Contact us directly via via enquiry@velvet-apple.com or call: 020 71830117 and we will be happy to discuss you idea with you in confidence.

Do you guarantee that working with you will deliver a successful event?
No one can make absolute guarantees – at Velvet Apple Media we have experience and a good track record of success based on working in specialist diverse markets for over 15 years. We assess each project on an individual basis to ensure that we are clear on the measurements for success before proceeding with a project.

How much time will you be able to allocate to my event?
After assessing your event requirements we will be able to advise you about timings – each event is scheduled and we will do our best to meet your deadlines. If the timings are not feasible we will make recommendations to you.

I’m operating on a very tight budget –how can we make my event work?
We will work with you to ensure your budget marketing and sales plan are co-ordinated so that your event will achieve the best possible results.